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My name is Rusmir and I have been training with Haaija @ In Shape Outdoors since January 2014. Since then I lost 18kg and gained my fitness to 200%, I feel and look so much better. My stress level is not existent anymore. I love doing the Boxing Classes which are always different and challenging. I also like doing other classes such as HIT, Cardio and Fitness tests. I have met so many different people in my time there and its always fun and everyone has made me feel welcome and not embarrassed to be there. Haaija is great trainer and really knows his stuff, he is always there to motivate me at the right time and he is there 24/7 for any other support I needed. He also has very yummy and healthy food plans to help me achieve my goals. I train 2 to 3 times a week and it doesn’t effect my every day life. And finally I would like to thank Haaija and my training partners that help meout every training.

Rusmir (Rus) Hasanovic