I started training with In Shape Outdoors 9 months ago. In that time I have dropped 17kg, 60cm and 3 dress sizes, I have never been this size in my life and have never been this fit. I was never one for exercise and I hesitated calling, but I am so glad I did. The training sessions are great, rarely repeated and Haaije & his team only push you as far as they believe you can go. The team are extremely supportive and give great advice, especially when you get stuck. There are a great group of people that attend the sessions, we are all supportive of each other and push each other when needed. We have a lot of fun every time, we don’t take it all too seriously & can laugh at ourselves. If you had told me 10 months ago that I would be enjoying exercise so much that I do extra on top of these sessions, I would have laughed. I could not do push ups, I could hardly run 50m & now I am doing push ups on my toes & running 5km’s!Haaije has been a wonderful support in my weight loss journey and has answered any questions that I have had. I thoroughly recommend In Shape Outdoors to anyone from beginner to athlete, it caters for everyone. I definitely would not be where I am today without them.