Hi my name is chrystal I am a mum of six children I have been training with Haaije for almost a yr now before I started with haaije I weighed at my biggest Of 102.4kg and was nearly hitting a size 20 in my clothing I was very unfit and my self esteem was very low I wasn't happy with Myself at all and now today I have lost over 10kg and feeling much more comfortable in my size 14-16 clothes my lifestyle has changed In many ways I am fitter then I ever was I have learnt a whole new healthy way of eating I am more active and I have more confidence in myself All thanks to Haaije :-) So I take this time to thankyou Haaije for helping me on my weight loss journey your classes always make me feel better in myself your classes Are never boring yes very challenging at times but knowing I made to the end of everyone of ur classes is the best feeling I always look forward To seeing al the lovely people I have met along the way and the amazing friends I have met that I now hangout with outside your classes signing Up with inshape outdoors is definetly one of my best decisions I have ever made thankyou Haaije xx