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I have been training with Haaije for almost a year 2-3 sometimes 4 sessions a week and never once has there been a class the same.
I have made a whole family at In Shape Outdoors that are all on their own journey and the most supportive, kind, motivational people I have ever had rhe privilege to train with. Haaije tailors his classes to all fitness levels from beginners to advanced, No one is ever to unfit to start. Not only has my weight loss been amazing but the increase in my fitness levels is what has been most rewarding.
Since training at In Shape Outdoors I have lost 33kgs since December and 77cms in total off my Chest, Hips, Thighs, Waist and Arms. Everything is provided,  All you have to do is turn up with a towel and water bottle! Equipment, Meal plans and most of all an amazing trainer with a wealth of knowledge that is nothing but committed to each and every single one of his clients health and fitness.

Thank you to Inshape Outdoors for giving me my life back and making me apart of the family!