Often people ask me why In Shape Outdoors clients are getting such great results. My answer is always the same: First we deliver high intensity and challenging workouts that burn fat. The second (but not less important) factor is that we provide tailored meal plans. Healthy and clean eating is a key factor in our clients weight loss progress and therefore we provide this at no extra cost to our clients. And finally In Shape Outdoors clients have access to our software program called Fit Clients.

This piece of software is keeping them accountable, motivated and on track 24/7. And the best thing is they reach their goals FASTER!!

The program includes:

Weight loss tracking
Fat loss tracking
Goal setting
Automatic notifications to weigh in (you never miss a weigh in again)
Before & after pictures gallery
Creating group goals with your friends
LOADS of motivation and accountability

So what are you waiting for? Get back to me right now and we’ll get you started today!!