In Shape Outdoors Boot Camp is a fun, Motivating Outdoor Training program designed to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness.

The sessions are on Monday, Wednesday (Berrinba) and Friday (Springfield Lakes) from 5.30-6.30 am.

Do I need to be fit to do Boot Camp?

In Shape Outdoors Boot Camp is designed for ALL fitness levels!
We’ll put all clients through a Basic Fitness Assessment, allowing us to cater for and if needed place each client into a team depending on his/her individual fitness level.
Why is In Shape Outdoors Boot Camp different?

Our program is run completely outdoors. It’s a safe program designed to cater for all fitness levels.
Your instructor will challenge you physically as well as mentally. 
Training Locations

Boot Camp Training will be conducted at our training locations at the Berrinba Wetlands (Browns Plains area) and Grande Park, Springfield Lakes . 

Boot Camp times:

Monday 5.30 am (Berrinba)
Wednesday 5.30 am (Berrinba)
Friday 5.30 am (Springfield Lakes)

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